CIE Material Management

● CIE utilizes an “Industry First” Reel Tracking Log. This tracking device is unmatched
in the industry. It entails cable types, reel lengths stocked & shipped, total footage procured, shipped, &
invoiced. Its shows each cable types technical information, ship dates and tracking information, and jobsite
delivery dates.
● Provide dedicated project specialist (and backup) for project and 24/7 emergency contact
● CIE works with the Project field site to determine put ups and estimated delivery times to provide
appropriate/timely purchases.
● CIE has the ability to Hedge Copper Futures as needed
● Certificates of Compliance or Certified Test Reports for all cable as required.
● Excellent technical support, and if required, on-site assistance.
● Provide a weekly inventory/status report
● CIE manages MV and Large 1C Cable from the factories when possible with back up lengths in warehouse,
along with warehousing all other cables required for the project

● 1-2-day transit time for full truck load deliveries (50% USA)
● Hot Shot deliveries available for emergency situations, One day transit for Truckload and/or Hot Shot
● Bonded and secured warehouse for cable storage
● Cable types and reel lengths of project designated material in Supplier’s inventory
● Order / release content verification
● Total invoiced footage
● Shipment dates and carrier
● Supply Reel Tags specific to each project – Each Tag is Laminated & Weatherproof
● Efficient material expediting & receiving
● Efficient wire storage, handling, and pulling
● Efficient accounting procedures
● Tags can include circuit numbers for efficient cable pulling and locating
● One day transit time for hot shot deliveries & full truck load deliveries
● Cutting and reeling capabilities for specific lengths as required to support construction.
● CIE Wire utilizes state-of-the-art cutting machines and can handle reels up to 20,000#
● Purchaser’s can use requisition releases along with identifying required deliveries for the
project and received inventory items within a 3-7-day period. CIE is also equipped to
accommodate emergency deliveries, including weekends. Can handle most required
response time & needs.
● Contacts at CIE Wire & Cable are reachable 24/7 Days a week
● Direct phone lines are forwarded directly to the project managers, Construction will not
deal with emergency 800 numbers.
● Replace damaged cable with new cable – Avoid any construction delays
● Return damaged cable for inspection and issue credits accordingly