C.I.E. Wire & Cable was established in 1983 in Birmingham, Alabama, where the corporate offices remain today. This office houses a full staff of experienced sales associates, as well as support and management staff.

The sales staff at CIE has over seventy years combined experience in the wire and cable industry. We have experience ranging from on the job construction to engineering and technical resources. Our staff has vast experience in large industrial projects including, but not limited to paper manufacturing plants, co-generation power plants, water treatment facilities, wind power generation, cement plants and many other heavy commercial and industrial projects in the United States and around the world.

CIE has a 65,000 square foot bonded warehouse giving us the ability to cut, spool and ship materials to match our clients exact needs and specifications. The shipping department places special care in the shipping, tagging and handling of materials, recognizing the need to simplify the task of the on-site construction and warehousing crews.

CIE’s commitment to customer service has allowed us to exceed projected growth rates. This confirms that service and performance is most important to the client. We will continue to use our experience and resources to provide the best customer satisfaction possible.